What are Bio-Stimulators?

As we age so does our skin. Intrinsic aging is the result of genetics, and extrinsic aging is the result of environmental factors such as sun, pollution, and lifestyle choices.

As we age, the skin experiences a loss of structural integrity due to lower amounts of collagen, which act as the skin’s support structure.

Collagen is reduced by about 1% per year throughout adulthood, and by age 45, we will typically see 25% collagen loss.

Sculptra is a bio-stimulator that activates the skin’s own natural collagen production over time to reduce the appearance of facial lines and folds.

Unlike traditional hyaluronic acid fillers, bio-stimulators are absorbed by the body within 24-48 hours and induce a controlled response to increasing fibroblasts and collagen production which work subtly and gradually over time.

Sculptra is typically administered and treated in three injections over the course of 3-to 4 months, with long-lasting results up to 25 months from the last session.

Many choose the bio-stimulator Sculptra for its gradual results and unique form of skin restoration, resulting in a more youthful appearance.