Recover and recharge faster with IV Therapy

Whether you’re preparing for a big event or recovering from an incredible night out, you can’t afford to miss a beat.

Our suite of IV Therapy options are formulated with clinically effective ingredients that will have you feeling your best in no time.

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Your feel-better fast-forward button

Your feel-better fast-forward button

Whatever challenge your body is up against – whether it be jet lag, dehydration, sluggishness, or feeling under the weather, our IV Therapy blends can help you feel your best in no time.

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Custom formulations for potent results.

Boost your hydration and replenish essential vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes. Choose from customized formulations designed for your goals.



The Classic. Rehydrate and revitalize with our Signature Nutrient Blend. Designed to maintain optimal health and wellness.



Like the Vitality, but with a spring in its step. Our Signature Nutrient Blend + an extra boost of Vitamin B12. The energy you need to perform your best.



Feel your best inside and out. Super-Antioxidant Glutathione helps flush toxins from your body, boost your liver function, and promote glowing skin.



If you’re feeling under the weather, our immunity blend with vitamin C will help strengthen your immune system.



Long flight? Hard night? The anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory properties of our recovery blend will help you get back to feeling like yourself.

The Works

The Works

Nodding at several of these options? The Works is for you. It boosts your liver and immune system while also relieving nausea and inflammation.

IV Therapy pairs well with…

Ask our in-house beauty experts about adding these treatments to your Kalologie Medspa experience.


Great skin starts with hydration. But it doesn’t stop there.

Enhance your outcomes at home with our Kalologie products. Choose from the expertly curated Kalologie skincare products below to complement your treatment:

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How does IV therapy work?

Our IV therapy treatments are uniquely formulated to replenish your body’s vitamins, nutrients, fluids, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

When you take vitamins or other dietary supplements by eating or drinking them (we see you, powders and Pedialyte), gastrointestinal digestion causes a large percentage of their efficacy to be lost in the digestive tract. When where you really need them is in your bloodstream.

IV therapy cuts out the middleman (your gut) and gets those nutrients where you need them right away.

How long does IV therapy take?

IV therapy appointments are quick and easy to fit into your busy schedule. So, if you need to recover quickly from a big night or get yourself ready for an important day — you can squeeze some hydration right in.

Reach out to your local Kalologie Medspa and see how quickly we can get you in for a visit. Think of your easiest booking experience — we bet we’ll be easier.

What should I do after I get IV therapy?

IV therapy is an extremely efficient way to hydrate your body and replenish your nutrients. You should start feeling better right away.

So, when you’re done, go off and enjoy your day! And book your next treatment with us at your local Kalologie Medspa.

How much does IV therapy cost?

The price of IV therapy can vary, so for the most accurate estimate, reach out to your local Kalologie Medspa.

For an estimate of how much our treatments may cost — and to see available financing options — please see our Pricing page.

What if my question isn’t listed here?

It’s perfectly understandable to have questions before getting IV therapy for the first time.

Our expert practitioners are here for you. We want you to understand your chosen treatment, how and why it works, and if it’s right for you before you commit.

Reach out to your local Kalologie Medspa today to book a consultation.

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Feel better from the inside out.

Ready to boost your health and wellbeing? Reach out to your local Kalologie Medspa to find out more about our IV Therapy.

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