IV Therapy in Los Angeles

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IV Therapy, also known as intravenous nutrient therapy, is a safe and effective way to deliver a high dose of vitamins and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream to ensure maximum absorption.

Kalologie Medspa is a premium destination for IV Therapy in Los Angeles. We are located in three convenient locations across the city—W Hotel, Santa Monica, and Ventura Boulevard. We provide a variety of IV Therapies to help improve your immune system, raise your energy levels, and even slow aging, formulated with clinically effective ingredients to have you feeling your best in no time.


Unlock the Benefits of IV Drip Hydration

Our expert medical team designs all our IV treatments to include the most effective vitamins and hydration, customized to meet your body’s needs. Here are the top benefits you will get from our IV drip in LA:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mood
  • Improved immune system
  • Better skin health
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Relief from hangovers and migraines
  • Great for your heart health

All IV Therapy solutions we use at Kalologie Medspa in Los Angeles are developed and administered by highly-trained medical professionals, providing a fast and effective way to rejuvenate your body.

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Our LA IV Therapy Packages

At Kalologie Medspa, we have a variety of IV Treatments that can be specially formulated to meet your individual needs. Our famous IV Treatment solutions include Vitality, Energy, Detox, Immunity, Recovery, Wellness, The Works, and The Works Deluxe. Whatever health issue your body is up against, our IV Treatment solutions can leave you in tip-top health in no time.



The Classic. Rehydrate and revitalize with our Signature Nutrient Blend. Designed to maintain optimal health and wellness. $275



Like Vitality, but with a spring in its step. Our Signature Nutrient Blend + an Extra Boost of B12. The energy you need to perform your best. $300



Feel your best inside and out. Super-Antioxidant Glutathione helps flush toxins, boost your liver function, and promote glowing skin. $300



If you’re feeling under the weather, our immunity blend with an extra dose of Vitamin C will help strengthen your immune system. $300



Long flight? Hard night? Our Recovery bag has anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory properties to help you get back to feeling like yourself. $350



All of the boosts, minus the meds. Vitamin C and Glutathione work together to boost your immunity, flush toxins, and deliver glowing skin. $350

The Works

The Works

Nodding at several of these options? The Works is for you! Formulated to flush toxins with Glutathione, boost immunity with Vitamin C, increase energy with an extra dose of B12, while also relieving nausea and inflammation. $425

The Works Deluxe

The Works Deluxe

Our most comprehensive option! The ultimate package formulated to include every boost: Glutathione, Vitamin C, Extra B12, Anti-Nausea, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Heartburn, plus Extra Hydration to get you back in the game, feeling your best. $500

Kalologie’s Los Angeles Locations


  • 6250 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 600
  • Hollywood, CA 90028
  • (213) 521-0050
  • 2530 San Vicente Blvd.
  • Santa Monica, CA 90402
  • (310) 310-3776

How Do Our IV Therapy Services in Los Angeles Work?

To familiarize yourself with how our IV Therapy, here is a guide on what to expect during your visit:

  • Booking Your Appointment
  • Schedule your appointment online to let us know the date and time you will come for your IV Treatment. Select the service you would like, and if you are not sure, book a consultation to speak to one of our experts. You will not be charged at the time of your online submission.
  • In-Person Consultation
  • When you come to the medspa, you will meet our highly-trained experts, who will answer any of your questions and help develop your personalized treatment plan.
  • Time for Your Personalized Treatment
  • Let your mind relax as you take in your personalized blend of vitamins and minerals. The process is painless and lasts around an hour.

Choosing The Right IV Drip for You

Kalologie’s trained professionals will take the time to listen to your unique needs and help you choose which of our eight IV Treatments are right for you. Your selection will depend on your wellness goals, daily routine, and lifestyle.

Why Choose Kalologie Medspa for IV Therapy?

Why Choose Kalologie Medspa for IV Therapy?

Embark on a transformative wellness journey at Kalologie, where our passionate team of Registered Nurses (RNs) and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals. We prioritize your comfort and convenience, offering IV therapy treatments tailored for ultimate recovery and peak performance. For an extra boost, consider our B12 shot enhancements.

Experience holistic wellness with Kalologie, where expertise and personalized care come together for a seamless and enjoyable self-care journey.


Highly-skilled providers who advise you on how best to achieve and maintain your results.


Welcoming staff who make you feel safe during every visit.


Personalized treatments to meet your unique internal and external goals.


Confidence-building results that help you love the way you look and feel.

Meet Our Los Angeles IV Therapy Experts

Meet the people who make each IV therapy treatment a clinically safe and effective experience.

  • Izabela, RN

    Izabela, RN

  • Carly, Medical Esthetician

    Carly, Medical Esthetician

  • Carmen, NP

    Carmen, NP

Book IV Therapy in LA

Ready to boost your overall health and wellbeing? At Kalologie Medspa in Los Angeles, our IV Therapy experts are passionate about providing this advanced wellness treatment in a safe and relaxed environment. Our qualified staff will examine your medical history to determine the most effective IV Treatment for you. Contact us or book online to schedule an appointment.

Explore More Ways to Rejuvenate with Kalologie

At Kalologie Medspa in Los Angeles, we offer many ways to help your body rejuvenate. IV Therapy pairs well with Dermal Fillers, Botox, and B12 shots. Talk to our aesthetic experts or booking staff about including these treatments in your IV Therapy package.


The most frequent questions asked about IV treatments in Los Angeles include:

What Is Vitamin IV Therapy Exactly?

IV therapy is a mode of delivering vitamins, minerals, fluids, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption. It provides immediate hydration and relief from different conditions.

How Much Does IV Therapy Cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of IV Treatment in Los Angeles varies, so for the most accurate estimate, please get in touch with your local Kalologie Medspa.

How Long Do the Benefits of IV Therapy Last?

The IV solution remains in your body for a few hours after treatment. However, the benefits of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can stay in your body for much longer, depending on your body's needs and the type of IV Therapy you got.