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B12 Injections

Increase Energy, Decrease Stress, Improve Mood, and Promote Weight Loss.

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  • B12 Injections
  • Kalologie offers convenient access to B12 injections at our medspa locations. Whether fatigued from travel or stressed from a busy lifestyle, B12 can be the solution to increase energy, decrease stress, and improve mood. And with an increase in activity, metabolism, and well-being, a B12 injection can help promote weight loss as well.
  • B12 Functions
  • B12 is vital to produce healthy nerve cells. The vitamin is found in animal sources of protein, which helps the body produce myelin to insulate nerve cells and support brain function. The vitamin also contributes to red blood cell production.
  • B12 Vitamins
  • Water soluble and essential for body functions, B12 is part of the B vitamin complex. As we age, our ability to absorb B12 diminishes which can contribute to deficiency. Oral supplements processed through the gastrointestinal tract simply are not as effective as injections, which reach the bloodstream faster and more efficiently.
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